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P.O. Box 6340

Saginaw, MI-48608-6340

Phone: 989-249-4278

E-mail: info@icsaginaw.org

ICS Sunday School for children: Every Sunday from 11:00am to 1:30pm till Zuhr prayer at ICS Township.

Ta’leem (Islamic Education) by Imam Shaheed: Every Sunday at 3:00 pm at ICS Downtown. It is open for everybody.

Arabic Classes by Imam Shaheed: Every Wednesday at 3:00 pm at ICS Downtown. It is open for everybody.

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E-mail: info@icsaginaw.org  < >  Phone: 989-249-4278

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6340, Saginaw, MI-48608-6340

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There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah,

Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His messenger.

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Rounded Rectangle:  What is Islam?  Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the world's population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the majority have nothing to do with the extremely grave events which have come to be associated with their faith. http://www.islamicity.com/education/understandingislamandmuslims/

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Time of Jamat (Iqama)

Fajr  @ 6:00 am

Zuhr @ 1:45 pm

‘Asr  @ 7:00 pm

Maghrib after Sunset

‘Isha @ 10:15 pm

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Visiting Khateeb

       Br. Khalid Iqbal will be our guest khateeb on Friday, April 28th, 2017 in township masjid.

       He has been on the board of several nonprofit and professional organizations such as ISNA, Human Concern International (HCI). He also served as director for CAIR, ADAMS and now with Muslim Family Services.

        His passion for family development lead him to the creation of Rahmaa Institute that is dedicated to the issues of Muslim marriage, conflict resolution, divorce and social issues. He is a writer, speaker and Khateeb.

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Khateeb: Gamal Elashhab








Khateeb: Guest Speaker